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The first VET center certified PEFC: a sustainable and innovative school and conscious students

ENAIP Trentino is the first secondary school to achieve PEFC certification! 

Located in the north of Italy, the boarding and day school for secondary students has the goal to educate and create wood workers conscious of the importance of the forest-product chain process.

"In 4 years, our students will be able to manage and coordinate the entire creation process: from the project to the realization of the furniture, from the raw material to the company organization”, school coordinator Giada Cristina Mearns says. 

All the decisions of the school are led by the PEFC guidelines: the school buys only local and PEFC certified wood for the labs, and the certification helps to create responsible workers and citizens able to  use sustainable materials and conscious of their role in the future of forests. Creating cooperation between certified companies and buying mainly local PEFC wood, gave the school economic and social advantages and created an important network for the sector.  

Watch the video to discover the school:


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