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FLA - FederlegnoArredo

FederlegnoArredo (FLA), Italian Federation of Woodworking, Cork, Furniture, Lighting and Furnishing Industries, promotes the Italian wood and furnishing industrial policy, collaborating with Italian, European and international institutions. FLA associates more than 2100 enterprises, ranging from SMEs to industry leaders, and includes 11 sectoral associations. FLA is a member of EFIC and of other several sectoral Associations operating at Eu level (FEMB / EPF / CEI-BOIS / Light in Europe / Teppfa / FEFPEB / Grow International / ES-SO / FEP / UNIEP).

FLA represents the 45% of furniture revenues in Italy and it strongly contributes to the social dialogue, both at national and European level. FLA is a co-founder of the VET ad HE Center “Art/Wood Academy” for training technical operators and managers for the Wood and Furniture Industry, located in Lombardy, with support of local enterprises, institutions, universities and high schools. 

FLA operates following three main priorities for the sectoral industry: 

  • supporting new business models based on the principles of the circular economy and sustainability; the special project FLA/PLUS aims to promote and support Circular Economy practices towards Italian wood and furniture companies, with the aim to make the Italian industry even more sustainable, green and responsible, according to the ESG indicators. Since June 2022, FLA has been officially admitted to the UN Global Compact

  • promoting innovation and digitization at different levels.

  • developing and updating the skills necessary for the new and traditional professions of wood and furniture sector. 

FLA is a social partner from the employers’ side at national level. 

Through its staff, it offers some services to companies, related with the international markets, Intellectual property rights, training, data analysis and others and through its affiliate company (FederlegnoArredo Eventi SPA), organizes the biggest annual international fair for the furniture sector, the Salone del Mobile.Milano.

FLA aims to identify and train new job professional profiles needed by companies to face the twin transition (green and digital). To achieve this goals, FLA developed several EU-funded projects in the fields of Sustainability/Circular Economy, Innovation, Corporate Social Responsibility, Digitization (WOODUAL, DIGIT FUR, BOLSTER UP II, DITRAMA, EQWOOD, FLAME, SAWYER, ALLVIEW, WOODIGITAL, LIFE CO2 PEF&PES, LIFE C-FARMS, ECOREFIBRE) under the EU programmes Erasmus+, LIFE, Horizon, Social Dialogue, to facilitate the knowledge transfer to companies in the wood and furniture sector.

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