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AMBIT – Living Spaces Cluster

AMBIT - Living Spaces Cluster is the new brand under which CENFIM operates from now on. AMBIT is a collaborative environment, in which habitat and contract professionals and companies share concerns and develop activities and projects.

The AMBIT cluster is the result of the union of the CENFIM and HCB clusters. An initiative that combines the trajectory of two entities committed to promoting strategic transformation in companies.

The 160 member companies and entities of the AMBIT cluster represent the sector's value chain. Manufacturers of raw and semi-finished materials, wholesale distributors, product manufacturers (furniture, lighting, flooring and wall coverings, home textiles, decoration, home automation...), retail distributors and knowledge providers such as universities and technology centers are part of it.

The management body, made up of member companies, sets the strategy and a team of 15 technicians, led by a cluster manager, develops the activities. We are a non-profit organization with headquarters in La Sénia (Tarragona) and offices/showrooms in Barcelona and Madrid.

We help companies acquire market intelligence and gain visibility in front of customers. Thus, we are the organizers of the fair interihotel, the platform contract and the showrooms WEcontract and DOcontract. We also facilitate internationalization to markets of interest for contract.

We promote innovation projects in the areas of digitalization of processes and products, circular economy, shared value and trend analysis. For its development we have the support of the European, Spanish and regional administrations and we work in a network with the main actors.

We make it easy for professionals to get to know each other and collaborate, both in learning environments, such as conferences and workshops, and in spaces designed to share, such as our Meet&Share. We organize more than 100 conferences a year.

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