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A new agreement between Italy and Brazil on bioeconomy, innovation, sustainability and circular economy for the valorisation of Amazon rainforest.

In the context of the Italian-Brazilian mission in December 2023, the Marche Region received an institutional delegation of the Amazonian state of Amapà. A series of meetings took place with the participation of delegates of Amapà, the Marche Region, as well as Technological Centre COSMOB, Italian universities and enterprises operating in the agrifood, manufacture, and wood and furniture industries.

This event provided the opportunity to start a new international cooperation, institutionalized by the subscription of a five-year agreement between these institutions for sharing knowledge, skills and competences aiming at improving the competitiveness of those sectors both in Italy and in Amapà. The Marche Region, with its entrepreneurial vocation, will play a significant role in promoting this connection with the Brazilian economy.

The cooperation protocol subscribed by the Marche Region and Amapà has the aim of starting a partnership for sharing know-how, scientific and professional competences on topics such as bioeconomy, technological innovation, sustainability and circular economy, that has the potential of being enlarged to the entire Amazonian area and, in general, to the whole Brazil.

In conclusion, the possibility of a participation of the Marche Region in the next Cop 30 has been considered, which will take place in Brazil in 2025, highlighting the willingness to cooperate on mutual issues at international level.

The subscription of the agreement between the Marche Region and the government of Amapà.


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