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WOODCIRCLE online course on circular economy in the wood-furniture sector now available

WOODCIRCLE is a free online training course on circular economy for workers in the wood-furniture sector. The course provides students with the basic technical and environmental knowledge and skills related to the circular economy and sustainability in the wood-furniture sector, responding to the needs of the current labour market

Register for the WOODCIRCLE course by clicking on this link. It is not necessary to do the whole course. You can go directly to the learning unit or lesson you are most interested in. You can do the course at your own pace, with total flexibility.

The course is online, and it has a total duration of 25 hours and consists of 4 learning units and 3 lessons each:

1.- Overview of the circular economy

  • Introduction to Circular economy in the furniture sector

  • Challenges and benefits, opportunities, solutions 

  • CSR as a framework for environmental actions

2.- Sustainable materials

  • Types of sustainable materials

  • Innovative materials for circularity

  • Wood / wood-based materials

3.- Circular design

  • Circular design principles

  • Circular business models

  • Legal and voluntary instruments

4.- Resources, manufacturing and waste

  • Waste and Energy management

  • Smart manufacturing 

  • Product development

The course material consists of recorded presentations (video-style), industry best practices, company case studies, recorded interviews with industry professionals and experts, and links to additional reading and learning materials.

On completion of a learning unit, you can take a 15-question multiple-choice test and if you pass, you will receive a certificate for that learning unit. If you complete the whole course and pass all three exams, one for each learning unit, you will be awarded a certificate for the whole course equivalent to 1 ECVET credit at EQF4 level.

Don't miss this excellent opportunity to improve your knowledge, skills and competences in circular economy in the wood-furniture sector. The course will be open in pilot phase until 31 May 2024. Afterwards, we will implement the improvements suggested by the participants and reopen it permanently.


Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Irish National Agency Ref. 2022-1-IE01-KA220-VET-000086833.


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