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WOODCircle’s Transnational Workshop!

On Thursday 13th of April, with much success, the WOODCircle project transnational workshop took place!

As the title of this event suggests, it was organized in the framework of the Erasmus+ project WOODCircle and brought together 15 wood experts from various professional private and public organizations from 7 European countries, to reflect on the project’s initial results.

The workshop was held as a hybrid event, a flexible and convenient format favorable to the gathering and creation of discussion groups within a network of European wood experts. The primary objective of the workshop was to mobilize and consult the expertise of wood experts to give us honest and critical feedback on the Skills, Knowledge and Competencies required for a circular economy expert woodworker.

The topics covered were a presentation of the project, the presentation of current project results relevant to the creation of a new professional profile of woodworkers, and finally, a dedicated section to presenting future project results, notably the training course and methodology.

All the presentations above were accompanied by thought-provoking mentimeter activities and open questions animated by project partners, which enabled the team to extract and collect the required quantitative and qualitive data, observations and comments. Finally, the information collected will enable the partnership to further finetune and provide the final modifications necessary for the development of the finalized professional profile of a young woodworker expert in circular economy.

Many thanks to our transnational wood experts who participated in the workshop and have helped us in reaching this milestone.

Stay tuned to be the first to know about WOODCicle’s next updates!


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