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Training centers for the wood-furniture sector to support the growth and innovation of the industry

In the ever-evolving world of the wood-furniture industry which increasingly places emphasis on sustainability and innovation, the training centers, such as ITS and VET centers, are emerging as essential pillars for the success of the sector and as creators of talent and knowledge. These centers of excellence are playing a key role in training a new generation of highly skilled professionals, ensuring the competitiveness and prosperity of the industry.

The wood furniture industry is known for its tradition of craftsmanship and its commitment to quality, but the landscape is changing rapidly. Technological innovation and sustainability are driving the transformation of the sector, requiring increasingly advanced skills. In response to this evolution, training centers are providing educational programs to prepare students for these challenges. The programs are developed in collaboration with companies in the sector, ensuring that students acquire skills that are directly applicable in the industry. Students are ready to enter the world of work with practical skills and a solid understanding of industrial processes. Companies actively participate in the design of study programs, offering internships and other activities to students. Students are also exposed to the latest technologies and best environmental practices, preparing them for a future where environmental responsibility is essential.

These centers provide professional training that combine the traditional complex of knowledge, skills and competences typical of the woodworker with the new ones required by the twin transition towards Innovative and Circular models, helping to bridge the gap between traditional and new skills required by the sector.

In summary, training centers are proving to be the backbone of the wood-furniture industry, ensuring that the sector remains competitive, innovative and sustainable. Investing in high-quality training is a fundamental step for the success of businesses and for the economic growth of a sector that continues to develop.

In this context, the European Project Woodcricle aims to develop a digital and multimedia training course on the topic of environmental sustainability for the furniture sector, for high school and professional school students and young workers of the sector.


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