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The results of the Survey about KSC for the Woodworker are now available on the website

The online survey for fine-tuning the professional profile of the Woodworker expert in Circular Economy and Sustainability was administrated to strategic stakeholders across Europe on March, and its results have been now summarized in the D2.2 Report – Survey results.

The survey represents the second step for the definition of the new professional profile (the first step being represented by the Report on Desk Research and Market Needs), and its aim was to collect the opinions from the three following categories of professionals working in the Wood & Furniture sector:

  1. Woodworking employers, woodworking employees, business representatives

  2. VET/HE operators with training offers for woodworking and furniture industries

  3. Sustainability and Circular Economy experts

Through a combination of multiple choices and open questions, with a different outcome depending on the different professional category, the respondents were asked to share their opinions about:

  1. The main challenges faced by the sector/the companies nowadays

  2. The relevance of the different SKCs for the Circular Economy expert Woodworker

  3. The levers for promoting the adoption of Sustainable and Circular Economy models in the Wood & Furniture companies

We gathered answers from 122 respondents, coming from 9 different countries (Hungary, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Poland, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine).

The results of the survey were collected and analysed to extract general conclusions: these conclusions are summarized in the D2.2 - Survey Report (it can be downloaded here:

The last step of the fine-tuning work will be the organization of a Transnational Workshop involving strategic stakeholders, that will be implemented in April 2023.


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