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Second Transnational Project Meeting held in Milan

On the 13th- 14th of November 2023, the WOODCircle's 6 project partners met at FederlegnoArredo's venue in Milan to discuss the project’s state of art and to plan together the future steps.

The Woodcircle project, funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ program, aims at creating an online course for the training of the Woodworker expert in Circular Economy.

Started in October 2022, the project is now at its halfway point: after the definition of the skills, competencies and knowledges of the professional profile, the partners are now working at the development of the online training materials, that will be focused on topics concerning Circular Economy, Sustainable materials, Circular design, waste and resources management.

The learning course will be released at the beginning of 2024 and will be freely available for interested on a dedicated platform; it will be translated in the 5 project language (English, Italian, Spanish, French and Hungarian).

The project foresees a pilot phase during which at least 25 students per country (for a total of 125 students) are supposed to test the online course.

The last action discussed during the Transnational Partner Meeting in Milan is the organisation of a “mobility” (exchange week) in Hungary directed towards at least 20 students/young workers aged 18-34 years interested in up-skilling and making a career in the sector: the students will benefit of a direct experience in which they will have the chance of attending lessons on the subjects contained in the course and visiting factories and companies in the Wood&Furniture sector. Partners discussed the basical requirements for selecting the participants for the exchange that will occur in June 2024.

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